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Watch the Latest YOUTUBE Video to know about My Experience with Zofla Products

Top 5 Affordable Sulphate Free Shampoos in India

Hello my dearies! Welcome back. Today I would be talking about top five affordable Sulphate free Shampoo which are amazing for winter too. I am sure that you might have seen a lot of post already with similar title. So, what's the difference? The main thing is, this list contains the name of all those shampoos which are not only Sulphate free but also contain natural ingredients, they are devoid of harmful chemicals. And also I myself have used four of these shampoos. So, without any more blah blah :P, let us enter straight into the list :).

1. Aroma Essentials Tomato Pumpkin Cream Shampoo 

Price: INR 200 for 100g

Buy:Just send them a message on their Facebook page (

This cream shampoo (read the review HERE) is a beautiful modified version of shampoo bar and probably the first of its kind in India. Aroma Essentials is an all natural brand where the products are hand-made and individually monitored. This particular shampoo is enriched with extracts of tom…

5 Bold Lipsticks to Try This Winter

Hello angels! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today's post is dedicated to Makeuprelated post. And I feel really happy to share my choice of 5 best bold lipstick shades to try this winter. 

I have always been a bold lipstick person. Somehow, I feel nudes are not my cup of tea. Or, maybe I have not found my type of nude shade yet. So, I prefer bold look mostly. Anyways, let me keep aside the blabbering and jump straight to the point.

1. SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick-Fiery Berry: 

Probably, these liquid lipsticks from SUGAR are my holy grail lippies. I absolutely adore them. This shade Fiery Berry is a beautiful Marsala color which is very very bold in nature. I believe that beauties across any complexion can pull off this bold color. The Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick range is priced at INR 499. These lipsticks are absolutely smudge proof and transfer proof.
Online shoppingis the only option available when it comes about SUGAR cosmetics. So, this winter gift yourself and dear ones som…

4 Gorgeous Salwars You Need to Try with Suits

Welcome to Cosmetics Arena my dear angels. Winter has already arrived. This winter try some fresh and fashionable look. How to do it? Here are some easy tips.

Kurti is such a versatile garment and it looks great on every woman of every age group. But pairing your kurtis with right bottom wear is a big deal. With multiple bottom wears available in different style, colours, fabric and designs, it’s not that easy to match your kurti with anything or everything. 
Here are a few fabulous salwars you can effortlessly pair your kurtis with: 
Dhoti style salwars

Dhoti style pants and salwars are very popular and trendy nowadays. They are the coolest version of salwars and showcase pleats one by one going straight up. They are very fashionable and look extremely stylish. You can pair them with short length kurtis. You can opt for these salwar suits for any festive or wedding function. They will enhance the appeal of your attire and make you look a desi queen. You can effortlessly choose from the d…

My Day and Night Skincare Routine with All Natural Products

Hello my sweet angels, welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I am gonna talk about my day to night skincare routine. Few weeks back I shared a pic on my Instagrampage and asked whether I would share my skincare routine or not. Surprisingly, each and everyone requested me to make a video on this. 

I guess I have the simplest skincare routine ever. All the products I use are 100% natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals. Here is the whole video. 

It was not easy earlier to build up this habit. Because mostly, natural cosmetics becomes contaminated fast. So, it is very important to keep them in a cool place. But, nothing can beat their efficacy. These are some of the brands I am using currently.

In future, I may replace some of these with other brands. But the genre would always be the same i.e. Natural Cosmetics. 
Thank you very much for reading and watching. I hope it helps you. 

Thank you once again. What is your routine? Please share yours in the comment section below. Love you all. Let u…