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Watch the Latest YOUTUBE Video to know about My Experience with Zofla Products

Fadlor Naturlich Herbal Infusions Shampoo Review

Hello my sweethearts! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I am gonna review Fadlor Naturlich Herbal Infusions Shampoo. As a blogger, I come across a lot of new brands. And I can not resist myself when I see these terms like Herbal, herbs, natural etc. 

Fadlor is a Kerala based brand and a house of herbal infused products. 

 So, now finally I am gonna start the review.
Price: INR 525 for 200ml Shelf Life: 9 months
Product Description and Ingredients: 

This shampoo is a blend of herbs and chemicals. It has extracts of Indica, Bhringraj, Amla,Coconut milk, Liquorice, Sesame oil etc. The herbs are infused with a base. But, the nature of base product has not been mentioned. I would have loved the ingredients more if full ingredients were mentioned.

My Experience with  Fadlor Naturlich Herbal Infusions Shampoo 

The bottle is made of plastic and the flip cap is quite sturdy. It is 100% travel friendly.

The texture of this shampoo is between thick and runny. The colour is deep amber. 
I really love the ar…

Feel Royal and Beautiful with Caratlane's Jaipur and Butterfly Collection: New Launch

A warm welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I would be unveiling the newly launched Jaipur and Butterfly collections of Caratlane.  Caratlanedoes not need any introduction. A subsidiary of Titan and a Tanishq partnership, Caratlane has both--online and a multiple number of offline stores. Cararlane is another name of purity and gurantee. Let us lift up the curtain now.
Butterfly Collection:

Modern woman with multi dimensional thoughts and ideas, who wants to fly with her newly found freedom. A touch of renaissance and elegance-this is what describes this newly launched "Butterfly Collection." I like the way they have classified the range into 3 categories for different women. 

The whole range covers Rings, Earring, Necklaces, Pendants and Bracelets. The price range starts from approx INR 12,000. All the pieces come with gurantee. The diamond, gemstones and golds are all pure. Most importantly, Caratlane keeps transparency and provides all the necessary certificates. Discover the w…

DIY Hair Growth Gel: 100% Effective

Hello my dear angels! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. I am sorry for not being regular on my blog. But from now on I promise to be regular with my posts. So, recently I made a DIY Hair growth gel which is 100% natural, cost effective and works 100%.

Flax seedsCurry leaves, fresh is better.Cedarwood essential oil. You can also use Rosemary EO or Lavender oil or Patchouli EO.


Take a pan, add the flax seeds (2 table spoons) and fresh curry leaves (10 to 12), heat it at medium flame.  Though the quantity may vary.After few minutes, the mixture would start boiling. The mixture would turn to gel like texture.After that turn off the flame and add 10 to 12 drops of Cedarwood EO.Now, use a cloth to squeeze out the thick gel. THE GEL IS READY. 
Application: For a detailed insight, application and method, just check out this small video. 

Final Thoughts: 
This gel is an ideal solution to combat hair fall, dandruff etc. It smoothes out hair instantly. Just try it out, I am sure that y…

Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask Review: Sandalwood and Rose water

Hello my dear angels! How are you all? Today I am gonna review the newly launched Dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Mask (Sandalwood and Rose water). These have been launched exclusively for Nykaa and already have become talk of the town.

The Home Remedy masks are available in 8 other variants. But are they worth the hype? Let me enter straight inside to answer that.
Price: INR 100 per sheet mask. Shelf Life: 3 years.

Product Description and Ingredients:

This sheet mask was the simplest one to apply. It comes without any layer. So, one just have to unpack and apply. No fuss at all.  The ingredient list is quite long though. In fact longer than the Face Shop or the Innisfree one's. Here goes the details.
1. Water
2.Glycerine: Moisturiser or humectant

3. Butylene glycol is a small organic alcohol used as solvent and conditioning agent.

4. 1, 2-Hexanediol is a synthetic preservative and moisture-binding agent.

5. Dimethicone: Silicone component that is used as a lubcricant and skin conditioning agen…

Dearpacker Lab Collection Sheet Mask Review: Anti Dry & Hydrating| Worth the Hype or not

Welcome my angels! How are you? Today I am gonna review this newly launched Dearpacker Lab Collection Sheet Mask. These were exclusively launched for the online beauty store Nykaa just a month ago I guess.

I picked up two sheets. The Lab Collection Sheets are available in four variants. I chose the Anti Dry and Hydrating one. So, let us proceed to the insight.
Price: INR 100 per sheet
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description and Ingredients:

It has quite a long list of ingredients, phew! Here is the detailed analysis of its ingredients:

WaterGlycerine: Moisturiser or humectant.3. Butylene glycol is a small organic alcohol used as solvent and conditioning agent.1, 2-Hexanediol is a synthetic preservative and moisture-binding agent.Dimethicone: Silicone component that is used as a lubcricant and skin conditioning agent.Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract or Aloe vera juice.Sodium Hyaluronate is sodium compound of Hyaluronic acid. Sodium Acrylate or Sodium Acrylates Copolymer is a sodium salt of a po…

Skincare Villa Coffee Orange Body Scrub Review: Get Flawless Skin

Hello my dear angels! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I will be reviewing Skincare Villa Coffee Orange Body Scrub. Many of you know that how much I adore Skincare Villa products. The owner Sonali Patil is doing an excellent job. 

So, this scrub arrived at my doorstep a few months back. And I have already reviewed it on my Youtube channel. Here I would like share few thoughts.
Price: INR 250 for 50g
Shelf Life: 6 months

This body scrub is made of 100% natural ingredients. The names are: Gram Flour, Multani Mitti, Organic Coffee and Orange Peel.
How is it Different from Other Body Scrubs?

Honestly, I had never been a fan of Body scrubs (I would buy a lipstick rather with the money). But since the last few months, I have started noticing ingrown hair problems and bumps on my elbows. So, after a lot of hanky-panky I finally decided to give Body Scrub a try.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must know that how much I adore natural cosmetics. So, obviously the formul…