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Juicy Chemistry Amla Apricot and Almond Leave in Conditioner Review

Hello my dearies! It is time for another review and that is Juicy Chemistry Juicy Chemistry Amla Apricot and Almond Leave in Conditioner. Inspite of being overpriced, JC products have made a special place in my shelf. 

In fact these days I am either buying or receiving only natural and organic products. And I am in love with all of them :P. Many of you might have read my take on Aroma Essentials leave in serum which was also superb. If you haven't, then 👉👉👉 HERE IS THE LINK. Now, let us dig deeper to reveal this conditioner.

Price: INR 350 for 25 g

Shelf Life: 6 months

Product Description and Ingredients:

I mean seriously! How beautiful the ingredients are. Truly, whenever I look at the ingredients of JC products, I forget about the price and everything. All the ingredients are beneficial for hair. It has Raw Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Amla Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cedarwood oil and few more essential oils. It also has Bees wax which forms the semi solid base of the product. People who pre…

Juicy Chemistry Ylang Ylang Essential Oil review

Hello sweethearts! Today I am gonna review Juicy Chemistry Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.  I bought it along with several other oils. 

Many of you know that how much I love Juicy Chemistry. The main reason is that they do not shout about organic certificates. Instead they focus more on the purity and quality of their products. I personally trust this brand and have fallen in love with their oils. Now, allow me to share my part of experience with this heavenly oil.
Price: INR 190 for 10ml
Shelf Life: 6 months

The above picture demonstrates Indian version of Ylang Ylang flower. These flowers are mainly found in Indonesia and its adjacent countries. Benefits of Ylang Ylang oil (pronunced as Ee-lang Ee-lang) are many. I would like to enlist few of them.

Indonesian people use this sweet floral oil as an Aphrodisiac :P. You hear me right! it is just awesome for newly wed couples. Ahem ahem :P. This oil is ideal for oily skin because it controls sebum production and thus prevents acne.It soothes irri…

Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Shampoo Review

Bonjour sweeties! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I am gonna review a hair care product and that is Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Shampoo.

I love everything about Argan oil. This Moroccan lixir is not only nourishing but also very luxurious. So, without much ado I would like to start the review :)). 

About the Brand: Jovees is a 12 year old company, which manufactures and markets herbal cosmetics. Personally I do not think that this brand needs any separate introduction. Many of their products have already been reviewed by major bloggers and also they have a very strong network of consumers. If you want to know more about this highly reputed brand, please go through their beautifully organised website:
Price: INR 395 for 250ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Availability: This is the most easy part. This shampoo along with other Jovees products can be bought from their website, or from Nykaa, Amazon India, Snapdeal, eBay India.

Product Description and Ingredients:

This shampoo is …

Juicy Chemistry Lavender Rosemary Neem Gourmet Soap Review

Hola sweethearts! Today I am gonna review Juicy Chemistry Lavender Rosemary Neem Gourmet Soap. Probably, I am reviewing a soap bar after an ages. Summer is just becoming horrific day by day. And of course my work out regime is getting harder. Gosh! sweat and sweat. The way I sweat, looks like my whole body is actually peeing :P. 

This summer, I have decided to pamper my hair in an organic and also chemical free way. That is why I bought this expensive Soap bar. Yes! it is quite expensive. So, won't you like to know my experience? Then let me start telling the story. 

Price: INR 550 for 90g!! this is the cheapest Gormet soap from Juicy Chemistry. 
Shelf Life: 6 months
Product Description and Ingredients:

Honestly,  I picked up this product for two reasons: 1. Price point and 2. Ingredients. Seriously! just look at the pic. It starts with our favourite neem juice. It also has Mango and Shea Butter. Lavender and Lemon Hydrosols. Fabulous! isn't it? Now, the only chemical component …

Skincare Villa Rose Coffee Face and Body Scrub Review

Hello gorgeous! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today it is time for another product review and that is Skincare Villa Rose Coffee Face and Body Scrub. Many of you might have read about their Oats Almond Cleanser that I reviewed a few days back. 

I think that Rose petals have a very beautiful charm. That is why I have used them as a background in many of my photographs :). So, when the owner Sonali told me about this Rose Coffee scrub, I just could not hold my curious mind. So, let us go through the details :)).

Price: INR 250 for 50g

Shelf Life: 6 months

Product Description and Ingredients:

With this particular product, I did not receive any information label. But, Sonali is very honest with her work. When I enquired of the ingredients on her Instagram page, she told me in detail. The ingredients are: Rose petals, Olive oil, Oats, Coffee and Bentonite clay. Oats and Bentonite clay is providing it a bindness and also detox effect. Rose petals and coffee are acting as mild scrubbers. The formul…

Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser Review

Hola my beautiful queens. Today it is time to review a brand new product and that is Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser. Yes!! my blogger friends have correctly guessed and the owner is our blogger friend Sonali :)). 

When she first introduced this product on her blog, I could not believe that she is gonna sell it :P. So, without much ado, allow me to go through the details and the experience. 
The product came to me with a beautiful card where all the basic details have been written. It actually made my work easier :). 

This ingredient list honestly took my heart away. It is like short and sweet. All the ingredients are individually beneficial irrespective of skin type. Oat is acting as the saponin agent, the almonds and rose petals are posed as mild exfoliators. Rest of the two oils are actually providing hydration to the skin. I think this combination is just perfect for a healthy skin. So, a separate 5/5 rating goes to the ingredients solely :)). 

My Experience with Skinc…

Raw Cane Sugar Lip Scrub DIY

Hello sweeties, welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I would share a DIY: Raw Cane Sugar Lip Scrub recipe. Recently I was searching for a lip exfoliator. Because lately, I have become a matte lippie lover :P. So, I have sincerely started taking care of my lips which remains dry throughout the year.

Honestly, I found several brands which have natural and pure lip scrubs. But when I looked at that ingredients, I realised that most of the ingredients are already available at my home!! So, I decided to make one for myself.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Raw cane sugar, Argan oil and Ylang Ylang oil (optional).

Shelf Life: 2 months.


Take an organic unfiltered beeswax cube in a bowl and heat it using double boiler process in medium flame.

After that add Argan oil in the bowl and stir it until the beeswax melts completely. It is really important to add argan oil while the bowl is still on flame. Otherwise, the beeswax may become clumpy because of the change in temperature.

Now, put off the flame and…