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Watch the Latest YOUTUBE Video to know about My Experience with Zofla Products

How to Identify Raw Shea Butter? Mystery Solved

Hola my sweet angels, welcome to CA. Today I will talk about such a thing that I was supposed to put down long before. But somehow, I missed it.

We are all aware of Shea Butter. Many of you love to use this natural moisturiser.

Happy Diwali!!

Hello my beautiful friends. Cosmetics Arena wishes a warm Happy Diwali to you and your family.

Celebrate this festival of lights in a safe and environment friendly way. Love you all, take care and celebrate womanhood..😊

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Patanjali Neem-Aloe Vera Face Pack Review

Skin Type: ALL Skin

Bonjour my beautiful angels, welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Patanjali Neem-Aloe vera Face Pack is the centre of discussion today. 

Diwali is on its way..😊😊, and I am kinda busy. So, I was looking for some kind of face pack which can save my parlour cost..😛. As a result I ended up buying this. Let us take a look at the efficiency of the product.

Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub Review

How are you my beautiful friends. Today's review is about Lakme Clean up Face Scrub with Strawberry extracts. I feel a nostalgic connection with Lakme.

I bought this scrub along with few other items from Nykaa. They have an amazing collection of skin care. Lakme launched this 3 step Clean Up series around 3 years ago and it gained a lot popularity almost immediately. Allow me to take you inside.

Why pH Value Check is Must for DIYs? A Brief Intro

A warm welcome to Cosmetics Arena my dear friends. Today I am going to discuss a very sensitive issue. I think this is something which has already started prevailing upon the Cosmetics Industry.  Before digging up further, I want to ask something my you Google a lot for DIYs and love to try them at home? If the answer is yes..then my is an alarm.


Skin Type: All Skin 
Howdy my angels, welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal or Rose Water, today I will talk about this newly launched product. I have dry+sensitive skin, so earlier I had a misconception that I should not use toner...silly me..😛😛.

But I believe that Cosmetics Arena is itself giving me a chance to experiment with my skin and to learn many things. So, ultimately I have bought one toner for myself. Let us see, how much it scores.😊

Lakme Blush and Glow Peach Face Wash Review

Hello my dear buddies, how are you?.😊.Today I will talk about Lakme Blush and Glow Face wash which has peach extracts.  Recently I bought this from A few months ago it came into the market and has already become quite popular. 
Lakme-this brand makes me nostalgic. In my childhood I had seen my mom to apply Lakme Compact and Lakme lipstick, which she used to admire a lot. I hope this face wash makes me happy too..let's find it out..😊😊
Price: Rs. 99 for 50g

Product Description and Ingredients

My IMPRESSION about Lakme Blush and Glow Peach Face Wash
The product is packed in a flip-flop tube which has a tiny hole in the mouth. So, the product comes in a proper amount, thus no chance of wastage. 

It is an orange gel with micro crystalline waxing beads. I religiously apply a night cream, so I usually need a good cleanser to wash off all the oils in morning. I have found that this washer cleanses properly and gives an instant refreshing look to the face...but does not provide any b…

Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub Review

My dear angels, how are you? Today I have come with another face scrub review and that is Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub.  I love scrubs and my bathroom closet is full of various scrubs. My mom sometimes gives me a whining look for this..😛😛😛. But my love for these is ever growing...😊😀😀

So, let us take a look at the product and its nature.


Skin Type: Normal to Oily 
Holla my dear beautiful queens. Welcome to Cosmetics Arena once again. Winter is knocking at the door almost. Generally I use raw butters on skin, but this time I thought to try something else.

Today I will talk about VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturiser. Without much intro, let us start the review.

Home Made Chocolate Scrub cum Face Mask

Howdy my dearies? Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. This week I have made a delicious and beneficial chocolate scrub cum face mask at home. Today I feel really happy to share this simple yummy recipe with all of you.

We all love chocolates. I just love the smell of chocolates and I can eat them whole day long..😛😛.
Chocolates are very very benificial to skin and health. But only dark chocolates or raw cocoa beans are good, not the commercially availabel sweet ones.  Scientific experiments show that dark chocolate reduces sunburns, helps to produce new cells, increases elasticity and also lowers cholesterol level. Now let us focus to the main part.
Ingredients To make this DIY scrub cum face wash off, I have used Cadbury Cocoa powder which contains 99.9% cocoa solids.

2. Vitamin E tablets. I use Evion 400 mainly which are easy to get and quite inexpensive. 3.Brown sugar or organic sugar or sulpher free sugar for best result. I have used the last one. 4. Sufficient amount of water. 5.Lastly a small c…

Does Shampoo Stop Hairfall? A Brief Insight

Hiii my dear princesses, how are you all? Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I am here to talk about a very sensitive issue that has been haunting me since my childhood days. 

I think most of us are familiar with Anti Hairfall shampoos. From my experiences, earlier I was a big fan of these shampoos. It was not because of their effectiveness, but because of the gigantic product claims by the companies.

Biotique Bio costus Foot Massage Cream Review

Hello beauties, how is life? Durga puja is about to end today. But no need to be sad, Diwali is on its way...😊😊😊. I have felt one thing that in any occassion we take care of our skin very intensively, but many a times we neglect our feet. 

Yes you are right, today I will be talking about something related to feets and that is Biotique Bio Costus Foot cream or Foot Massage Cream...😊😊


My HG Cosmetics: Part IV
My dear beautiful queens, how are you? I know you are super busy and enjoying this festive season to the fullest. Yesterday when I was getting ready for Durga Puja hopping, I thought that one of my favourite cosmetics is yet to be reviewed.

So, here I am today, presenting Revlon Photoready Makeup Foundation with SPF 20 in Medium Beige. Let us dig deeper.
Price: Rs. 970 for 30ml, I bought it for Rs. 900..😊😊😄😄

Shade: 006 or Medium Beige, also available in other shades.

What does the product claim?


Texture, packaging and my IMPRESSION I feel nostalgic whenever I talk about this product. I love its chic packaging, looks very very elegant and user friendly. It comes with a superb pump system. I think most of the Revlon foundations are made of glass bottle, so it should be handled with care. It is an oil free and fragrance free formula.

I love the fact that though I have dry skin, yet it does not make my skin further dry. There are some shimmery particles, w…


Hello my dear queens. A very warm welcome to Cosmetics Arena. How are you all? I will talk about such a product with which I think very few of you are familiar. Probably I will be the first to review this product. And honestly I feel proud to take the chance. 

This post is about Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Neem Anti dandruff Shampoo. Let us go through the details.


My HG Cosmetics: Part III
Skin type: Normal to dry skin

Hola my beautiful ladies. Happy Durga Puja..😊😊😊 I hope you are enjoying this festive season to the fullest. Welcome to CA. This week I am kinda celebrating my HG cosmetics. 

Today I will talk about VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk.

BIOTIQUE BOTANICALS Bio Apricot Refreshing Body Wash Review

How are you my dear princesses? Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. This week I am talking about few products that I love to use.  Some of the products have become my HG cosmetics as well. 

Today, I will talk about Biotique Botanicals Bio Apricot Refreshing Body Wash.


Howdy my beautiful dolls?Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. This week I have decided to talk about my HG cosmetics only. I swear by them. Every product has its own pros and cons, and I won't say that these are perfect. But they are special and I would use them as long as they continue manufacturing...😄😄😄

Today I would review Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner. Let us take a look.


MY HOLY GRAIL (HG) COSMETICS:Part I Hello my beautiful are you all?Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. First of all thank you soo much for visiting this blog and thank you also for celebrating womanhood with us. 
This week I have decided to talk about my favourite cosmetics which I frequently use. Today I am here to review my HG Sunscreen which I have been using for almost a year. Though you can predict the affirmative tone in my voice but still let me take you to the review.

Price:Rs.355 for 100g

Ingredients: Please take a look at this image.

What does the product claim?
Take a look.

Texture and experience:  What I love the most about this product that it is tinted and gives an effect of simple foundation. It is matte and does not cast any whitish tone on skin. It covers a broad spectrum i.e. UVA and UVB. SPF 40 is quite good for daily use because over the years Global Warming has become worse only.

The formula is non greasy and gives a fresh look in morning. Because it is tinted I do no…